Passion for automobiles is what fuels us at The Autofocus and gives us the opportunity to create some awesome content. 


We provide turnkey creative media content solutions related to automobiles. 


Over the last 5 years, we've created all types of mainline and digital content for various manufacturers,

TVC's, Web series, Native Advertising Content, Influencer video campaigns, press drive after-movies and much more. 


The two pillars of The Autofocus are concept ideation and photography. Apart from that, we specialize in film-making, graphics, print, web, animation, music and sound design too.



Audi A1

Morris Garages Hector

Volvo XC90


100,00km Porsche 911 Carrera Cabriolet
Mercedes-AMG E 63 S 4MATIC+ - “Rule On”



Photography is the backbone of The Autofocus. All key team members have an innate flair for photography. Considering we are petrolheads,  keeping our photography style focused on automobiles and travel have allowed us to carve a unique niche in the industry. Our speciality in photography has allowed us to be part of multiple angle hunting exercises for various products before they hit the market.


We offer top notch, turnkey video production solutions for producing high quality content in small, medium and large formats. Our passion for automobiles drives our concept ideation allowing us to come up with the most unique concepts for your brand. Using the best equipment in the industry we can capture moments and make them look larger than life. we strive to wow every viewer with our videos.



We provide state of the art stabilized 4K footage using drones. With the amount of days our team spends with various automobiles in the outdoors, we have access to some of the best vantage points, ideal for breathtaking hero shots of your product. Be it nature unfolding in all it glory or  cities coming to life, our team has the expertise, patience and tenacity to push the limits to get the best shots required.


The Autofocus continues to deliver immersive content in new mediums. That's why we offer 360° video and photos in full HD so you never miss an angle. This is the future of audience engagement and can take any campaign to a higher level. VR also increases the shelf life of the content. 


Post production services are a must have for anyone looking for content in the automotive world. Photo manipulation and retouching is one of our strengths. A full time professional edit team is ready to meet all your video and sound requirements from visual effects to sound editing and colour grading. 


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